Made for Games

Website: https://www.taylormadetech.dev[https://www.taylormadetech.dev]
Documentation: https://www.taylormadetech.dev/documentation/taylor/latest/[https://www.taylormadetech.dev/documentation/taylor/latest/]
Try it out online: www.taylormadetech.dev/playground/

What’s this?

Taylor is a game engine I’ve built using mruby and raylib. I’m trying to build a very simple way for people to get into game development. This is trying to replicate the simplicity of QBasic but with a more of a modern approach.

Getting Started

Check out my tutorial over on the official Taylor website.


If you’d like to see some examples, check them out here!

Compile Yourself!

There’s a couple reasons you may want to compile Taylor yourself and thankfully it’s pretty straight forward for Linux.

  1. Install the build dependencies:
    $ sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"; sudo dnf install ruby
    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential ruby

  2. You should now just be able to run $ rake and wait a few seconds.

  3. You'll now have a binary you can run like $ ./dist/linux/debug/taylor

  4. If you want the nice command line interface, you'll need to run:
    $ ./dist/linux/debug/taylor ./cli-tool/cli.rb

  5. Take make it easier to run, you can create a taylor-dev script and populate it with: "'shell #!/usr/bin/env bash TAYLOR_PATH=/home/sean/code/taylor/

“$TAYLOR_PATH/dist/linux/debug/taylor” “$TAYLOR_PATH/cli-tool/cli.rb” “$@” “ 6. Then you can just$ ./taylor-dev`

Building All the Docker Images

To build all the docker images you can run the following command:

$ bundle exec rake docker:build:all

If you also want to compile the mruby and raylib dependencies yourself there are docker images for that too, just run:

$ bundle exec rake docker:build:{mruby,raylib}