Made for Games

Taylor is a small, free, and open source game engine designed to be easy to use, cross platform, and to boost developer happiness. Being MIT licensed means that every line of code you write, any engine modifications you do, and all the money you earn are all yours!

So head on over and get started!

Supported Platforms

You can currently export your games to Linux, OSX (both Intel and Apple based CPUs), Windows, and the Web using WASM. Web exports are also setup to “just work” with Itch when you upload the generated zip file.

There is work being done to support Android too, so you’ll be able to play your games on phones and tablets.



Below is a basic example that will open a window and draw some text, then it will stay until the user either presses ESC or clicks the close button in the title bar.

init_window(800, 480, "Taylor Example")

until window_should_close? # Detect window close button or ESC key
  drawing do
      "Welcome to your first Taylor application!",
      190, 200, 20, DARKGRAY


If you run this you’ll see a window that looks like:

Technology Used

The main technologies used are:

  • C++ is the language used to implement Taylor
  • mruby is used for implementing the scripting language in Taylor
  • raylib is the game framework I have chosen to lean on