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  2. Getting Started


  • Taylor - Engine specific methods, look here for input, sound, images, etc
  • mruby - The scripting language used, look here for basic stuff like loops, arrays, numbers, etc
    • Dir - This gives us the Dir class for handling directories
    • ENV - This gives us the ENV class for dealing with environment variables
    • JSON - This gives us the JSON class for parsing and serialising JSON objects
    • MTest - This is a simple library for writing tests, this is what's used by Taylor internally
    • Regex - This gives us the ability to use regular expressions
    • SimpleHttp - This gives us the ability to make web requests.
    • SimpleHttpServer - This gives us the ability to run a simple web server.
    • Require - This gives us the require method so you can separate your code into many files for ease of working
    • OptParser - This allows us to easily handle command line arguments